Thursday, 23 August 2012

A fine busy summer holiday

Olympic park on our London Olympic Adventure!

Watching the triathlon bikers with Ella.

Supporting Team GB! Two peas in a pod.

We paid £15 to a nice retired couple to park in their drive.  Would rather help them than some greedy big business. Plus they let us use their nice clean toilet.

Scary eyes Ollie on the mini steam train in Cleethorpes.

Gorgeous Katya on the ride.

Katya loves her Ella Bella in Cleethorpes.

Riding the donkeys at the beach.  They loved it.  Katya rode Denzel and Ollie on Charlie.

Sutton-on-Sea paddling pool with Daddy.

Hours of fun buildings forts and puddles.

She loved being buried this after.

This is before!! What a sweetie!

Passing on the Sam Florence sandcastle tradition. We had so much fun building them!

Gorgeous day at the seaside.  I love all the colours.

Forest of Dean sculpture garden. Beautiful day!

Check out the giant links in those chains at the Gloucester Docks!

This is Puzzlewood forest in the Forest of Dean. It was a favourite spot of JR Tolkein and is speculated to be his inspiration for Fangorn Forest.  It was AMAZING!  If anyone comes to visit I want to take you there!

I braved the forest on my own with 3 monkies, one in a pack on my tummy.  Be impressed be very impressed!

Ollie the explorer at Puzzlewood.

How cool is this place? The pictures don't do it any justice, it is truly one of the most amazing places I have been!

This is a very typical cheeky face from MIss Bell!

We went to a beautiful estate near Bath called, Dyrham Park.

You know you want to play in this tree!  How cool!

That close to a pack of fallow deer bucks.  The rangers were great with the kids!

Climbing amazing trees at Dyrham.

Best buddy National Trust members! How beautiful is that view?

Even nice weather in Birmingham...

We have a fun family tradition of watching the sunset on the first Sunday evening of the summer holiday.We spent it at Clent Hills on a lovely warm evening.  The sun didn't set until after 9:30.

How funny are they? Gloucester Cathedral where they filmed the Harry Potter Hogwarts hallway scenes.

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Gramma Marty said...

Thank You Thank You Thank you for wonderful WONDERFUL pictures of my sweetest English/American grand babies and their adventures of the summer.....I want to be there!